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D2a-Majoe finally delivers!

Mohalenyane Phakela

THE long anticipated offering from one of Lesotho’s most sought-after Hip Hop movement, D2a-Majoe, has finally hit the streets.
After the group dropped the single, Malekoporo, late last year ––which was well received by fans –– there was fevered speculation on when the album, entitled Nalane, would be released.
Last year, eager fans had hoped the album would launch them into 2014 in style.

However, despite all the simmering suspense, D2a-Majoe only released a hit single L’Afrique Sans Frontieres (Africa without borders) earlier this year, which they said was the first track to their forthcoming album.
The song is a story about ambition and patriotism.

The group uploaded the single on the Internet to enable fans to download it. The song received mixed reviews by fans with some giving the track the thumbs up, while others dissed it saying, “What genre is this, is it some kind of French-kwaito?”
“The Nalane album will be released as soon as L’Afrique Sans Frontieres gets 10 000 downloads from the Internet,” the group had stated on its Facebook page after the track was released.
On 16 May, the song surpassed the 10 000 downloads mark, and as the popular Hip Hop outfit had promised, the album was released together with the video of L’Afrique Sans Frontieres which already has over 800 views on YouTube just a week after its release and a number of thumbs up on Facebook.
The album is a compelling claim that D2a-Majoe is one of the most versatile groups Lesotho has to offer.
They are able to variate their sound by rapping in different languages including French; a novel approach in the local music industry.

The departure of some of D2a-Majoe’s members, such as Boshoa Bo Tšoeroe, had made some believe the end of the group was nigh, but the new release has proved to the contrary and they are here to stay.
Their latest offering, Nalane, which talks about making history, encapsulates what the group is all about.
“We are rewriting the history we are going to leave behind for the following generation,” the group said.

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