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Covid-19 outbreak knocks out LCS

Leemisa Thuseho

THE Covid-19 virus has hit LCS football club. So far, six players and one official have tested positive at the correctional service side.

This has resulted in the postponement of the club’s premier league match against LDF.

The match had been scheduled for yesterday but it will have to be played at a later date that is yet to be decided.

In a statement, the club said, “after getting an order from the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC), we tested our team and six players and one official returned positive results.

“Hence we requested that our next match with LDF be postponed,” LCS said.

In a subsequent interview, LCS communications and marketing manager, Kofa Rantai, said the infected individuals had begun a 14-day isolation while the rest of the team is continuing with training.

“We released those who tested positive and asked them to self-quarantine. The rest of the team is going ahead with its training programme,” Rantai said.

Now that its last match of the year has been postponed match, LCS will only return to action early next year.

On his part, PLMC public relations officer, Qamako Mahao, called for vigilance, saying all teams must regularly test to help ensure they had knowledge about the rate of infections in the league. So far, only LCS had its match postponed due to the virus, he said.

“Last week, Bantu reported three positive cases. We however, let them continue with their game. However, the cases are rising at an alarming rate and all the teams might have to be subjected to mandate Covid-19 tests. We will have to cancel all the matches if the situation calls for that,” Mahao said.

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