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Couple donates shoes to needy students


Mohalenyane Phakela

A MASERU couple came to the aid of 30 Ha Toloane Primary School pupils with a donation of new shoes.

Dr Makhetha Mosotho and his wife, ‘Matsepang, handed over the shoes on Thursday in a touching ceremony held at the school in the outskirts of Maseru.

According to the school’s principal, ‘Mamabusetsa Semethe, most of the shoes could not fit the beneficiaries, and had to be returned to the shop for exchange, because most of the children did not know their actual shoe sizes. She said most of the beneficiaries had never worn new shoes and relied on hand-me-downs which were often oversize.

“We face a very serious challenge of children who come from destitute families even though some of them still have parents,” Ms Semethe said.

“In addition to not having school uniforms, the clothes they come to school wearing are worn out since they would be second-hand donations from well-wishers. Some of them come to school without eating breakfast which makes it difficult for them to concentrate in class.”

She said the school’s pleas for assistance to various stakeholders had not borne few fruits over the years.

“The last time we received donations was in 2012 from the Office of the First Lady. We requested for help from the Ministry of Social Development but they can only assist the students when they leave standard seven for high school.

“We are very grateful for the gesture, and we, together with the kids, cannot find the proper words to portray the joy we feel,” said Ms Semethe, adding that the school also needed desks and running water.

On behalf of the couple which has been donating various goodies over the past two years to primary school students in Morija and neighbouring villages, Ms Mosotho said they did not make the donation because they had more than they needed, but because they felt compelled to share the little they had.

“As parents, we know how painful it feels when a child has to go to school wearing tattered clothes or barefoot since it hinders their performance in class,” she said.

“I thank our parents who instilled the spirit of sharing within us as they would encourage us to donate clothes that could no longer fit us to those who had nothing to wear.”

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