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Counter Force sings different tune in court

Khahliso Khama and Tefo Tefo

MASERU — In a dramatic twist, radio presenter DJ Counter Force (pictured right) now claims he shot his stepdaughter’s lover in self-defence.

Counter Force, whose real name is Liteboho Nkuebe, shot Mohlominyane Lelia, 19, last Friday after finding him with his stepdaughter at his in-laws’ place in Lithabaneng.

Lelia was shot on the left arm.

He also says Counter Force assaulted him.

The popular DJ was arrested on Thursday on charges of attempted murder and was released the following day on M500 bail.

On Tuesday, Counter Force claimed he did not intentionally shoot Lelia, a second-year engineering student at Lerotholi Polytechnic.

He said he did not know that he had shot Lelia until the day after the incident when the police called him for a statement.

Counter Force said he thought Lelia was a burglar.

But the statement he submitted to the High Court during his bail application tells a different story.

In that statement, written on his behalf by his lawyer Lepedi Molapo, Counter Force makes revelations that seem to raise more questions than answers.

He claims when he “raided” the house where Lelia and his stepdaughter were, he found them with “other boys and girls” who “fled” immediately.

The DJ however claims that Lelie hid and he found him in a “compromising position”.

In an earlier media report, though, Counter Force did not mention the “other boys and girls”. 

Instead he claimed there was no one in the house when he came in.

He also mentioned nothing about having “raided” the house.

He claimed he was leaving the house when he heard “something moving in the garage”.

Then, Counter Force claimed he pulled his gun and called the person to come out before he shot him.

He said he thought he was a burglar.

But he does not give the same account in his apparently confusing statement in court.

“Upon raiding the house the other girls and boys fled but Mohlominyane (Lelie) hid where he was found in the compromising situation,” the statement says.

“A scuffle then ensued between your petitioner and Mohlominyane. In the ensuing scuffle Mohlominyane was accidentally shot by your petitioner’s gun when it discharged.”

It is not clear how he thought a man who was in the house with his stepdaughter and “other boys and girls” was a burglar.

He then claims that he shot Lelia in self-defence.

“Your petitioner avers that he is not guilty of the charge  at all in as much as there is clear evidence that the gun discharged by accident, hence there was no intention to kill,” his statement reads.

“Moreover even the competent charges cannot stand in as much as your petitioner was acting in self-defence from Mohlominyane (Lelie) who was charging at your petitioner in an attempt to flee and your petitioner thought he was a burglar.”

So in the court document Counter Force says the shooting was not intentional and he fired because he thought Lelia was a burglar and that he was acting in self defence.

Yet earlier last week Counter Force claimed he did not even know that he had shot Lelie.

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