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Corporate Challenge registration opened

Nthatuoa Koeshe

BLACK Mix Lesotho has opened registration for the seventh edition of the annual Corporate Challenge.

The event will this year be held on 3 October.

Event director Manisha Black told the Xpress People that in as much as they would be happy to have seasoned campaigners attending the event, they also encourage first-timers.

She said apart from building a culture of team work, the corporate challenge is also important for healthy lifestyles and fitness.

“The Corporate Challenge is a team-building event, designed to disrupt the usual office routine,” Black said.

“It is a social/sporting event which promotes fitness, health and networking opportunities among corporates in a relaxed environment that also encourages participants to overcome challenges that put mind, body and spirit to the test.”

She said the 2019 edition of the event will be held under the #spirit (hashtag spirit) aiming to break communication barriers.

“This will be a full day of games pitting teams from different business groups. Black Mix Lesotho believes the challenge promotes unity, togetherness and camaraderie. Previously the event was always held in August but we have heard our clients’ requests and moved it to a warmer time of the year,” she said.

She said the format and type of obstacles test participants’ strength, speed, stamina and character, making them a challenge for participants and a great spectacle for colleagues and friends who are supporting.

She said apart from team building, the event aims to raise funds for the cancer awareness and education while offering support to people affected by the disease.

Black said they have teamed up with health institutions and professionals to ensure that the appropriate information is being educated to the public. Among the partners are Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Senkatana Centre and the Lesotho Breast Cancer Network.

“Cancer affects a huge percentage of the population and a lot people know about it but not a lot of them get tested or screened due to a lot of reasons and that is where we come in. We do not just want to raise awareness but to encourage people to go for screening,” Black said.

She added that screening facilities will be available on the day of the event.

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