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Cops probe MP

National Independent Party legislator Nthekeleng Mofolo raises suspicion over surety for foreign suspects

‘Mantoetse Maama

POLICE spokesperson, Lebona MohloboliThe National Independent Party (NIP) organiser and Member of Parliament (through proportional representation), Nthekeleng Mofolo, is being investigated after the police reportedly found 214 fake CDs and DVDs at her Maputsoe residence on Thursday morning.

Mofolo is said to have recently put her house and 4×4 vehicle as surety as part of bail conditions for a Ugandan and Tanzanian, who were allegedly illegally reproducing local artistes’ music for sale.
Police spokesperson Senior Inspector Lebona Mohloboli on Friday told the Sunday Express the police’s interest was piqued after Mofolo put her property as surety for the suspects, leading to Thursday’s raid.

“The police became suspicious after Mofolo put her property as surety for the two suspects, a Ugandan and Tanzanian, who had been taken to court for allegedly illegally-reproducing CDs. We became suspicious that she might somehow be related to the suspects’ illegal business,” Mohloboli said.
“We went to her residence in Maputsoe on Thursday morning and we found a copper component weighing five kilogrammes and 214 fake music CDs and DVDs. She was not arrested but we are continuing with investigations into this matter.”

The Sunday Express visited Mofolo’s home on Friday afternoon after repeated efforts to seek her comment over the phone had proved futile.
However, the MP was not at her residence, although a woman who had answered her mobile phone and said she was ‘Matankiso and Mofolo’s sister had said she would be at home at 2pm.

Instead, Mofolo’s other sister, who introduced herself as ‘Mateboho Chomanyana, angrily demanded to know why the Sunday Express crew had travelled “all the way from Maseru to Maputsoe when ‘Matankiso had already said my sister is not at home”.

But Chomanyana eventually cooled down enough to say she had heard her sister had gone to Tanzania.
“I have just heard from a rumour that my sister has gone to Tanzania. But I am surprised because I stay with her in the same house and she did not tell me that she was going to Tanzania,” said Chomanyana.
“I am also shocked to hear that the police found anything suspicious in my sister’s house. But I will not comment further on the issue.”
Contacted for comment, the NIP President Kimetso Mathaba yesterday said: “Both the NIP and parliament are not part of whatever situation she finds herself in. A few weeks ago, I heard on local radio when she had put her house and 4×4 car as surety for the suspects. I tried to contact her but she was not available then, as I needed an explanation from her why she would pay surety for foreigners who were destroying Basotho’s business.
“After some time, we met and she dismissed the issue as though it was not true. However, we will have a meeting on May 4 and as she is part of the party’s executive committee, she will be there and one of the items on the agenda is this issue as she owes us an explanation.”

Meanwhile, afro-pop star Molibeli Mokake, yesterday said he was disappointed that there could be some individuals bent on destroying local artistes’ livelihoods.
“I am very disappointed if there are people who are on a mission to destroy our talent and livelihoods, as artistes,” Mokake, popularly known as Stlofa, said.
“However, even though we are are not sure whether it’s true that Mofolo was involved in this case, there is no smoke without fire. We hope justice will be done once the investigations are complete.”

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