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Cops probe fatal shooting of minister’s bodyguard



’Mantoetse Maama

The police are still investigating circumstances which led to the fatal shooting of a Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) member guarding the home of Communications Minister, Khotso Letsatsi.

The soldier, whose name police spokesperson Clifford Molefe was not at liberty to release yesterday, died in the early hours of Thursday and was allegedly found with his firearm between his thighs by his fellow LDF guard.

According to Senior Inspector Molefe, the tragedy happened at around 2:30am, and the police were still investigating the incident.

Senior Inspector Molefe yesterday told the Sunday Express: “The now-deceased was on duty at the minister’s home in Ha Mabote, together with his colleague, on the night in question.

“The report we have is that the tragedy happened at around 2:30 am, and that the now-deceased was sitting outside while his colleague was in the guardroom. The other guard told the police that he heard a gunshot while he was in the guardroom, and went out to investigate.

“It was then that he said he saw his colleague sitting on a chair, dead, with his firearm between his thighs.

“When the police went to the scene, they found one spent shell. That is all I can say about the incident at the moment as police investigations into the matter are continuing.”

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