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Concert that never was

Thebe fails to turn up

Matšei Moloi

ROMA — South African kwaito star Thebe failed to turn up for a concert at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) on Friday, riling hundreds of music lovers who had thronged the campus.
Thebe and fellow South African entertainer Glen Lewis were billed as the main attractions for the concert, which also featured local DJs Hally, Bootz, Copper, Maps and Thabby.
One of the show organisers, Kopano Alotsi, said Thebe did not perform because he arrived too late at the venue when the audience had already dispersed.
“Thebe was supposed to arrive at 11pm but only arrived after three in the morning,” Alotsi, of Seotlong Marketing and Events, told Xpress People.
Alotsi said Thebe did not explain why he pitched up late.
He said Thebe immediately returned the money he had been paid to perform.
“The contract was terminated and Thebe gave back the money to Seotlong Marketing and Events,” Alotsi said.
He said they would bring Thebe for another bash where entrance will be free of charge.
“We are organising a free bash where Thebe will perform for the audience as a sign of apology,” Alotsi said.
He said they hoped Thebe would make it for the show.
“Even if Thebe will be booked at that time, we will arrange for the other performer,” Alotsi said.
The concert was scheduled to start at 7pm but no DJ was on stage by that time.
The show only came to life two hours later when local DJs started playing.
By that time most of the 300 people who were at the venue had started leaving.
There were instead more people at Kay-Cees, a restaurant/bar just outside the campus which is popular with NUL students.
Most students said they had bought tickets for the concert but would only get into the venue once Thebe arrived.
And he never did.
Only a handful of people danced as the local DJs played.
By 10pm only eight vehicles, the organisers and a few revellers remained at the venue.
Most people who spoke to Xpress People were disappointed by Thebe’s no-show.
Mothibeli Pholo, a member of NUL’s Student Representative Council, said students were angry about the flop.

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