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Comedian Hilton leaves fans in stitches

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Amusement was the language spoken at the Barry Hilton comedy show at Lesotho Sun on Thursday.

With 28 years of experience, Hilton did not disappoint his fans.

The hotel’s convention centre was filled with multiracial fans living in Lesotho and South Africa’s border town of Ladybrand.

It seemed the two-hour session which started at 7.30pm and ran until 9.30pm was not enough as straight after the show people seemed eager to buy Barry’s DVDs that were on sale.

Dubbed The Cousin, Hilton left fans in stitches.

With every joke he cracked, accompanied by a hilarious facial expression, people could not help but break down in laughter.

Throughout his comic session Hilton added spark by picking on the audience, the perks of sitting in the front and the back row at a comedy show.

Most of his jokes were based on his travels in different countries and the experiences he has garnered over the years.

Hilton demonstrated his vast experience as he showed versatility throughout the show touching on international affairs, sports, politics and personal experiences.

Hilton, who was visiting the Mountain Kingdom for the first time, told Xpress People that the audience was “brilliant”.

“It was a bit harder in the beginning as I had to tone down American jokes to accommodate the different fans but throughout the show, Lesotho showed much appreciation.

“They are a brilliant audience,” he said.

“Most of the things I was saying today were new,” Hilton said.

A few of his DVDs were on sale and were quickly snatched away after the show.

Sun International Lesotho area general manager Martin VdBreggen told Xpress People their aim is to extend entertainment to the Basotho nation.

“We first had David Kao and now Barry.

“Our mandate is to provide a comedy exposure that is worthwhile that would help deepen relationships between South Africa and the Basotho nation and local NGOs,” VdBreggen said.

He added: “We want to add value to comedy in both South Africa and Lesotho.”

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