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Chinese has a unique way of healing

Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — A visiting Chinese man will be introducing Basotho to a self-healing tech­nique at Ster Kinekor cinematomorrow.

People perceive Western medicine as the best way to cure diseases, but Master Hongchi Xiao uses a unique method from Chinese medicine called paidalagin to heal people.
Born in Hubei province in China, Xiao was a successful financier in Wall Street and Hong Kong for over 10 years.

At the age of 40, he was charmed by the Chinese culture, particularly Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM). He then quit the world of finance to pursue CCM-inspired healing techniques.
Xiao embarked on an unprecedented quest to learn about CCM. With the wis­dom of a scientist and the passion of an explorer, he travelled all the possible cor­ners of the world: to monasteries, temples and even deep forests of China.

Over the ensuing years, he found, learned and mastered many techniques, including the self-healing method he in­troduced to Basotho on Friday at Pioneer Mall.

Speaking to XpressPeople on Friday, he said this is the most convenient way of healing.
“People spent millions of dollars paying doctors fees and some never get healed. But paidalajin is free and accessible to all as it uses neither medicine nor needles.
“Paida means slapping while Lajin refers to stretching.

“The technique can be used to heal a number of diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

“It is called self-healing because every­body can heal himself or herself. You sim­ply start by stretching the affected area for a couple of minutes, after which you start slapping,” Xiao explained.
People gathered at Ster Kinekor cin­ema did not believe any word of it, until the master asked them to cooperate as he showed them the healing process.

There was one elderly Mosotho man at the gathering who could hardly walk. Xiao stretched his legs on the bench for a few minutes to do the diagnosis. Later on Xiao’s associates started the slapping process which was mainly focused on the knees because “they are like the control panel of the legs”.
The area being slapped becomes bruised when it becomes warm. Xiao said that is the time when the poison exits the body.

“Being sick means there is poison in your body so the changing colour that you see on the slapped area is the diseases ex­iting the body.”

The slapping process took about 30 to 40 minutes, after which the man could walk like a teenager and, most of all, he was able to run.

“I am totally healed and my legs are free. I have been paralysed for over four years, but got healed in a few minutes,” said Sipho Khabanyane who was healed by paidalajin.

Master Xiao further said that there are other therapies that do wonders although they are quite complex and so are restrict­ed in accessibility and application scope.

Paidalajin is simple and effective and can be freely accessible to all. One can do it on his own which is why it is called self-healing technique.

The seminar was scheduled for last Fri­day, but due to the mix-up in booking the venue, it is postponed for tomorrow (Mon­day

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