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Chinese doctors donate to Motebang Hospital

Limpho Sello

MOTEBANG Hospital Medical Superintendent Tilo Namane says the medical equipment donated by the 13th Chinese medical team will go a long way in saving people’s lives and also assist the Ministry of Health in achieving its goal of turning the institution into a referral hospital.

The 13th Chinese medical team recently donated equipment valued M450 000 to Motebang Hospital as a friendly gesture by the Chinese government as well as a Christmas and New Year gift to Lesotho.

Dr Namane made the remarks at the recent handover of medical equipment by the team at Motebang Hospital adding that they appreciate the help given by the Chinese government.

“The Chinese Medical Team has been helpful to the hospital with their special services and the equipment that they have donated from day one,” Dr Namane.

“The team is very dedicated and always attends to our patients as it has a group of doctors with different specialties.”

Dr Namane said the Ministry of Health is in the process of promoting the district hospital to a regional referral hospital and the Chinese medical team is going to assist in making the dream a success through the services and the equipment donated to the hospital.

“I must note that although we are grateful for the Chinese medical specialists, the hospital still needs Basotho specialists who are full time so that the goal of running a referral hospital becomes a success.

“Apart from all the equipment, there is also a need for the orthopaedic equipment that will also assist in achieving our goal,” Dr Namane said.

For his part, Minister of Health Nkaku Kabi said they are honoured to receive the gifts which will change people’s lives.

He said the ministry will take advantage of the assistance and train its own specialists to ensure that the government does not continue importing services.

Mr Kabi further thanked the medical team for the gifts and asked that they continue to extend a hand in future where there is a need.

“We thank you for the gifts and hope you will continue to help us with the training of nurses and doctors which you have been giving to Basotho so that we can prosper.

“We are aware that your hands are even extended too hard to reach areas and we are happy that through your assistance you do everything with great determination,” Mr Kabi said.”

For his part, the Chargé d`Affaires and the acting Chinese Ambassador to Lesotho, Song Changqing said it is has become a repeated practice that each Medical Team will bring with them to the Motebang Hospital an assortment of medicine and medical instruments.

Mr Song said since 1996 the Chinese government has sent over 150 doctors in 13 teams to provide and improve the medical service for Basotho.

“In the past, over 20 years the medical teams have provided treatment to 500 000 Basotho. They shared expertise and know-how with their local colleagues and also went to remote mountainous areas to provide free services to Basotho,” Mr Song said.

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