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Celebrities squabble over stage names


Mohalenyane Phakela

DJ Mosa “Mo” Damane and rapper Queen Mo are at loggerheads over their similar pseudonyms which the Ultimate FM presenter says are causing confusion.

In a recent Facebook post, Mo Damane said: “So there is another ‘MO’ in the entertainment industry here in Lesotho. OK but Why? Or am I missing the point. Aaaargh!”

Several of her fans responded to the post by accusing Queen Mo of “stealing” the “Mo” stage name. However, others reprimanded Mo Damane for making the allegation, saying Queen Mo was using the pseudonym while she was still calling herself Baby Dee.

In an interview with XpressPeople recently, Queen Mo whose real name is Monono Mokhoebe said she had been using the name since 2008 when she started rapping. Queen Mo said she was surprised to receive a text message from Mo Damane asking her to change the name.

“I do not know Mo Damane that much, and I was never bothered by her calling herself Mo even though our names are somewhat similar,” she said.

“There are a lot of people with similar names but I have never seen them beefing over that. Mo Damane sent me a message on WhatsApp asking me to change my pseudonym to avoid confusion.

“I felt offended and confused, but since I did not want to create unnecessary conflict, I said I would think about it. She knows all too well that it is a lot of work to build a name and reputation. I love my name and will not change it any time soon.”

Contacted for comment, Mo Damane said she wanted to avoid the confusion that would result in having similar names.

“I started using the name ‘Mo’ when I was working on the South African reality television series, Dineo’s Diary, in 2013. When I came back home last year, I opted for Mo instead of the Baby Dee I used before since there was another ‘Dee’ in entertainment circles and also to avoid confusion,” she said.

Asked whether she had requested Queen Mo to change her name, Mo Damane said: “I can neither confirm nor deny anything because it has nothing to do with the media. Besides, the media has a tendency of twisting words to suit their own interests.”



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