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Cassper Nyovest’s frugal tips



DESPITE splurging on a Presidential Rolex watch‚ worth R448.300‚ and buying luxury cars‚ including a Continental GP Bentley worth more than R3.7 million‚ it turns out Cassper Nyovest is not a big spender.

During an interview with GQ magazine‚ the rapper revealed how he manages his money‚ claiming that he often keeps his “spending under control” and that he aims to turn his success into sustainable wealth with help of financial experts.

“Having come from the township and worked extremely hard to get to where I am today‚ I won’t be finding myself penniless when my career in the spotlight slows down‚” he told the local publication.

“I am sensible. I have a plan to convert my success into wealth – by exploring all business opportunities‚ by working with experts to plan how to save and invest‚ by keeping my spending under control.”

In reference to his seemingly sumptuous lifestyle‚ Cassper explained that besides getting copious gifts and attending lavish events‚ he needs to spoil himself‚ given how hard he works.

“I am lucky because I do get gifted a lot of amazing things and I go to fantastic events. And I do treat myself‚ I need to enjoy my success‚” he said‚ before warning that fans should not “get caught up in thinking that only expensive things have value.” – TMG Entertainment


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