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Cameroonian brings the house down

Cameroonian artist Della Tamin entertains the crowd at Francophone celebrations at Maseru Sun on Friday night (1)Mohalyane Phakela

Della Tamin from Cameroon set Maseru Sun Cabanas ablaze on Friday night with his unique and exciting flavor of jazz music which had the crowd on its feet throughout his performance.

Tamin’s booming voice resonated with the dancing crowd and the colourful musician had to be called back on stage alongside his six-piece band to give out an encore.

Speaking to Xpress People after his performance, Tamin said Friday’s experience was unforgettable and had even taken him by surprise.
“It is my first time in Lesotho but the reception I got and the response from the crowd tonight makes me feel at home.
“It has never been a smooth journey since I started recording in 2004 because few people have been able to understand my music. That is why I am glad that people here could not get enough of it.
“I have been based in South Africa for a number of years now, and that time when there were xenophobic attacks against foreigners it was quite hectic, but that did not deter my passion to deliver good music in South Africa.”

Tamin further said he would like to design his own instrument and “conquer Africa” as a musician.
Meanwhile, on Friday, there was also an outstanding drama performance of The French Mind by Philippe Guinet.

The French Mind is a story of French culture and its dissemination in Africa.
An auction of Seshoeshe dresses was also a hit with the crowd, with the eight dresses and one shirt designed by Mateboho Mafantiri, being sold out.

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