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Britain’s fattest man dead: Carl Thompson dies aged 33 only weeks after pleading for help on live TV


Police have said the death is not being treated as suspicious and the coroner will be notified

Britains-fattest-manBritain’s fattest man Carl Thompson died today, just a month after pleading for help to try and change the 10,000 calories-a-day diet he was warned would kill him.

Mr Thompson, just 33, who weighed 65-stone, was found dead inside his flat in Dover, Kent, by police, fire crews and the ambulance service this morning.

Firefighters and police officers took several hours to remove his body.

Mr Thompson shot to fame earlier this year when he appeared on ITV’s This Morning begging for help to lose weight, after being bedbound for more than a year.

Tributes have been paid to him today.

Craig Chapman said: “I have just seen that Carl Thompson has sadly died. I’ve known Carl many years and (he) was a very good friend of mine when I lived in Dover. I used to play pool and have a few pints with him when he was mobile. I can’t believe it, so tragic.”

Lyn Garret tweeted: “RIP UK heaviest man Carl Thompson. Gentle Giant. Dover is in shock.”

Neighbour Ronald Williams said the operation to remove Carl’s body “took emergency crews several hours.”

On air: TV appearance on this morning from his bed

A police spokesman said: “Kent Police were called at 10.38am to a property in Dofras Place, Dover, following reports that a man in his 30s had died.

“Officers do not believe the death to be suspicious. The coroner will be notified.”

Mr Thompson, who was single and lived alone, made national headlines earlier this year after it was revealed his excessive binge eating had caused his weight to rocket to 65 stone.

After he featured on This Morning, in a TV interview live from his bed, he was swamped with offers to help him lose weight.

He said he had always had a bad relationship with food and, as a child, would sneak downstairs in the night and raid the kitchen cupboards in his childhood home in Lydden.

He said: “I was only about three or four and no one knew why I did it. I would just eat anything out of the cupboards.”

Phil MedgettCarl aged around 10
Carl Thompson aged around 10

During the TV appearance, Dr Dawn Harper suggested he was being “killed with kindness” by people still prepared to get his daily junk food dose to him.

Dr Dawn also said when discussing with Carl his diet before interview that he had mentioned his mother’s passing as a reason for his enormous weight gain.

Phil MedgettCarl with mum Elaine Hoyle when he was around 16
Carl with late mum Elaine Hoyle when he was around 16

Carl has put on 30 stone since his mother died in 2012 and he said it was one of the reasons he carried on eating as a way to cope with the grief which he still wasn’t over.

Presenters Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield wanted to know just how Carl was consuming all this food when he couldn’t leave his home.

Dr Dawn said that it was possible people were “killing him with kindness” because food was being brought to him when he requested it.

Carl said: “I just like to say that the food that the carers are getting me is what I ask for. I’d like to put that straight.”

By Carl appearing on the show and going public with his story, he said he hoped he could get the help he needed to bring his weight down and shed the pounds.

Carl has not worked since he left his last job when he was 17-years-old in a food factory.

He lived off a special disability allowance and incapacity benefits spending around £200 a week on takeways and online deliveries from a local supermarket.

After the death of his mum from a brain tumour in 2012 he said he turned to comfort eating as a means of coping with his grief.

He doubled in weight from 30 to 65 stone in just three years and became housebound.

He has not had a girlfriend for more than ten years since his last one dumped him because of his weight.

His daily diet was:

•Breakfast: Four sausages, five fried eggs, fried bread, mushrooms fried in butter, bowl of cereal with full fat milk

•Lunch: Bowl of pasta, chips, bacon, pork pies, crisps, pasties, sandwiches and chocolate

•Dinner: Chinese or Indian takeaway of up to £25 five nights a week

•Snacks: £10 a day on Yorkie bars

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