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Brilliant graduate honoured

Khahliso Khama

 MASERU — Motheba ’Matli, 20, an economics graduate from the National University of Lesotho (NUL), on Friday received a laptop from the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) for her outstanding academic record.

’Matli was among the 2 298 students who graduated from NUL last month but one of the few who received awards for outstanding academic performance.

She majored in economics with business administration as her minor.

For her brilliance, the LNDC on Friday honoured her with a brand new laptop computer.

’Matli had already previously received awards from the Central Bank of Lesotho and the South African High Commission.

“This award is exciting and means a lot to me,” ’Matli said receiving the laptop.

“It’s not only a credit for my hard work at school, it is also a reminder of the good and bad memories at NUL and those sleepless nights and four years I spent preparing for good results.”

LNDC acting chief executive officer, Thabang Khabo, congratulated ’Matli for her outstanding academic performance.

“I am sure the award will provide an incentive and motivation to other students to perform to the best of their capacity, thereby improving student pass rates and the spirit of competitiveness which is necessary for survival in the outside world,” Khabo said.

’Matli, who completed primary school with a first-class pass, is not a stranger to receiving academic awards.

Among other awards she has received, she came second at this year’s LRA-Nedbank annual budget speech competition held in February.

After completing her exams at NUL this year, she was selected by Post Bank to join the institution as a treasury dealer.

Yet she does not consider herself a genius.

“I am not a genius,” ’Matli told the Xpress People. “I am very good in managing my time — that’s one of the things that help me do well in my studies and generally in life.”

“I am able to prioritise and I know my strengths and downfalls and that’s what works for me,” she added.

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