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Botho empowers students


Limpho Sello

BOTHO University on Friday distributed 204 tablet computers to its students during a ceremony held at Maseru Mall.

The tablets are meant to provide the learners with advanced learning tools and prepare them for the technology-driven job market.

According to the university’s Dean, Subbaram Ranganathan, Botho seeks to be a centre of excellence and benchmarks its curriculum against national and international standards hence the distribution of the tablets.

Mr Ranganathan said the initiative was also aimed at producing graduates who can compete for employment anywhere in the world.

“The tablet ensures this and also provides the necessary links with international institutions of higher learning that we liaise closely with in the United States, United Kingdom and India. Our students and lecturers can network their counterparts to enhance their learning and also create a positive relationship in the educational environment,” Mr Ranganathan said.

Education and Training Deputy Minister, Thabang Kholumo, who attended Friday’s ceremony, commended the newly established university for providing the learners with the much sought-after learning device.

Mr Kholumo said the tablet was the “best study tool to enable learners to readily access information and also do their homework with ease”.

“We need to consider future employment demands and the skills university leavers will need to compete in a world transformed by technology. They need to learn through the use of such technology,” he said.

Mr Kholumo also challenged the students to come up with their own scientific innovations

“This initiative is also intended to take learners to the next level through graduating from the use of technology into the creation of such technology. We are looking forward to our learners to come up with new technological innovations that will respond to the future needs of local consumption and even sell their innovations to the world at large,” Mr Kholumo said.

“I am looking forward to the time when you, the students, shall bring the innovations of other countries to respond to local needs and be in a position to create jobs that will grow our economy and sustain it for many years to come.”

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