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Bogus state agent sneaks into Thabane’s entourage in Zim

According Zimbabwe media reports, Regererai Timothy Mangwiro, was arrested and charged with spying after he allegedly sneaked into Thabane entourage while pretending to be a state security agent. Mangwiro was however arrested after state agents became suspicious of him.

Mangwiro is suspected to be a Movement for Democratic Congress (MDC) activist.

He has since appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Archibald Dingane where he denied charges of impersonating a public officer and possession of dagga. “The court heard that as a result of his misrepresentation, Mangwiro got into one of the vehicles forming Thabane’s motorcade when the visiting PM toured Victoria Falls last week,” said Zimbabwe’s privately-owned Newsday.

According to the report Mangwiro had booked at one of the lodges in Victoria Falls on August 1.

On August 23 when Thabane arrived in Victoria Falls for a tour, he pretended to be a security agent when the premier’s motorcade was leaving for the Victoria Falls Rainforest.

“He allegedly entered an ambulance which was part of Thabane’s motorcade after presenting himself as a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (Zimbabwe’s state security agency).

“Mangwiro went with the Lesotho PM’s entourage to Victoria Falls Rainforest from Elephant Hills Hotel,” said the report. He again got into the ambulance when Thabane’s motorcade returned to Elephant Hills from the Victoria Falls Rainforest.

He was later captured by the security agents at the hotel who had become suspicious of his actions. “They conducted a body search and recovered 50 grammes of dagga from his pockets. He was remanded in custody for judgment.” Prime Minister Thabane could not be reached to comment on the reports.

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