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Bogus cops rob Chinese business


’Marafaele Mohloboli

POLICE are yet to make arrests into a robbery which took place at a Chinese-owned supermarket in Qoaling Ha-Mampho on Tuesday evening.

Three men identified themselves as police officers to an assistant at the shop’s entrance before proceeding to the till and helping themselves to the cash and cigarettes.

According to one of the shop’s employees who requested anonymity for security reasons, two of the robbers were in civilian clothing while the other was wearing what appeared like Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) uniform.

“When the men arrived at the shop when we had just closed for the day, they just waved their identity cards in our faces and told us that they were there to do their job, and that they should be allowed in.

“Two were wearing ordinary clothes while the third man was in police uniform from head to toe. Since they had flashed their IDs at the assistant and the other one was in police uniform, we had no reason not to believe they were police officers. Although we had closed for the day, we let them in since they said they were on duty,” the employee said.

However, all hell broke loose once the men were inside the shop.

“One of them slapped our Chinese boss who was at the till as he demanded cash, while the other went to the security guard and tried to take his gun. The other man was controlling the customers and telling them not to panic, and he then told all of us to get down on the floor. They continued to look for money which they believed was hidden somewhere in the shop but couldn’t get any.

“The only money they found was the one in the till and I don’t know how much it was. They also took a carton of cigarettes and some airtime and left. I don’t know if they had a getaway car or left on foot.”

Police spokesperson Clifford Molefe yesterday confirmed the incident and said no one had been arrested in connection with the crime.

“We have opened a case of robbery and are also going to make intensive investigations into the misuse of our police uniform. This will be dealt with accordingly and whoever is found in illegal possession of our uniform, will answer for it,” said Superintendent Molefe.

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