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Biker trains women


Mohalenyane Phakela

SUPERBIKE rider and stuntman, Pitso Ntsukunyane recently launched the Bikerboy Riding Club to offer riding lessons to women as part of efforts to encourage them to take up the sport as professional riders.

The Lithabaneng biker is working with his fellow bikers, Poopo Moloi and Kaphe Ramarou to pass on skills to 13 women from Maseru and its environs.

The 20-year-old self-taught biker recently told Xpress People that he had realised women also wanted to take part in the sport.

“While performing, I would come across ladies who were interested in riding and some even asked me to teach them so I have established this club for that purpose,” Ntsukunyane said, adding the lessons were however open to men as well.

“We currently offer three lessons per week as most of the women are employed.

“Riding a bike is not that complicated, all that is needed is a sober mind and a willingness to learn. We start by teaching them safety precautions because a bike can be dangerous if not properly handled.

“We also supply them with riding gear which includes helmet, jacket, knee caps and shoes because these give some protection in the event of accidents, much like the airbags in cars.”

One of the learners, Ret?epile Mohlomi told this publication that she felt “liberated” by the experience of riding a bike.

“I had never ridden a bike before and but I decided to try it after my friends pushed me to join.

“I was not scared when I first rode and he (Pitso) made it look so simple. After these lessons from these past two weeks, I believe I can in town.

“Biking frees the mind and body from daily stress and I encourage women to get out of their comfort zones, stop being caged inside their houses and make bike riding a hobby. Live a little and have fun,” she said.


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