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Big, Bold and Beautiful

by Sunday Express
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Mamohlakola Letuka

LESOTHO has joined the rest of the world on promoting Plus Size women as models in a campaign ChunkyThighs  Photoshoot open for size 36+ women throughout the country.

The photoshoots started last week with a swimwear shoot at the 375 FM Mansion with a pool background; followed by Pioneer Mall parking space; and the railway station near Maseru Border Post.

Another upcoming shoot will be on valentine theme at a venue yet to be confirmed.

The campaign is meant to encourage big women to feel comfortable in their skin and to encourage them to confidently work through the challenges they face.

This campaign also seeks to raise awareness that Plus Size women are bold, beautiful and appreciated.

In an interview with Xpress People last week, Morongoe Ramoepane the Founder of ChunkyThighs Photoshoot said Plus Size women face many challenges due to how some sections of society perceive them.

“This campaign aims to celebrate diversity and say big is also very beautiful. We would like all Plus Size and beautiful women to be bold and full of confidence. Being big does not make you a less fabulous woman in any way,” Ms Ramoepane said.

She said the campaign was inspired by her struggles as a Plus Size woman, in a world that stereotypes girls and women who are big.

“There are some challenges but as a Plus Size woman, you always have innovations to get around what can actually weigh you down and make you a miserable person, for example shopping for clothes can be frustrating for a Plus Size woman.”

“Through this campaign, I would like to inspire fellow women like me, who have been shot at many times simply because God created them big. I see Plus Size women as a blessing and not a curse. I urge those who have experienced pain because of how some people have treated them to join us to celebrate our uniqueness,” Ms Ramoepane said.


As a Plus-Size woman, Ms Ramoepane said it took her many years to appreciate herself because she thought there was something wrong with her.

“For years I thought it was my fault that I was big. I tried so hard to lose weight, starving myself instead of enjoying my life. After some research, I realized that there are women who were created big, while others are medium and others small- sized. I just happened to be in the category of those that are Plus Size. I eat healthy, I do normal exercises not to stress my body and I am big and very healthy,” she said.

Ms Ramoepane said the ChunkyThighs Photoshoot was an opportunity to educate Plus-Size women on how to stake good care of themselves to stay healthy without having to invest so much worry about how they look.

“This is also an opportunity to help our society understand the diversity that comes with humanity, and the importance of embracing how our creator made each one of us different and beautiful.”

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