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Bible Verse featured on upcoming EP

Mamohlakola Letuka

POPULAR artiste Bible Verse is set to feature on the forthcoming single Paqama Ke o Seche by upcoming singer, Mokete ‘Dave’stone’ Kotelo.

The single will part of the experimental project (EP) titled Moremaphofu which will be produced by the L-tore, Sir Edi and Cyphic Black before its release later this year.

Dave’stone narrated to the Xpress People how his personal experiences as well as the tough socio-economic environment in the country had inspired his lyrics ever since he decided to venture into music while still in high school.

“I have always loved writing,” Dave’stone said.

“I started off as a poet, sharpened my skills and began writing lyrics. I have also been featured on other artistes’ albums as I was not ready to go solo.”

He was featured by Boshoa Botsoeroe on the latter’s popular Metsontsunyane track taken off the Liphaqola mix tape.

Dave’stone said he then worked for Dope FM in Roma on the Freestyle Friday programme where he played local music and began interacting with the local artistes.

He said his relationship with Bible Verse began in 2011, adding their collaborations on various projects had inspired him to work on his own EP.

“Bible verse is my mentor who inspires me in many ways and has always supported me.

“I pray that people who get to listen to this track will be inspired to chase their dreams because nothing comes easy in life.”

The track narrates a story of a hustler (street language for a hard worker) who wakes up early to work and prays for success which will enable him to have a better life away from the streets.

Dave’stone said that the song should serve as a wake-up call for local artistes to realise that it is time they sang about something else besides consuming alcohol and having fun.


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