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Bhudaza, Tshepo to rock Welkom

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Local jazz artistes Bhudaza Mapefane and Tshepo Tshola will perform at the Lejweleputswa HIV and Aids Benefit Concert in Welkom, South Africa, on April 24.

The duo will share the stage with a star-studded line-up of South Africa’s most celebrated jazz artistes including Ringo, Winnie Khumalo and Ntando.

A member of the organising committee, who chose to remain anonymous, told XpressPeople the duo was selected to help pull the crowds.

“Artistes in the line-up of the Lejweleputswa HIV and Aids Benefit Concert were booked on merit for producing great music and they are currently making waves in the jazz industry,” she said.

In a separate interview, Bhudaza told XpressPeople he will be using the festival to promote his latest album, Likhomo.

This is his third album after the all time favourite Bo-Mapefane and Mohokare. “This will be my first performance in Welkom since the release of Likhomo and I am going to take the platform to promote it.”

“I have learned that my live performances help boost sales so I am going to give a superb performance that will leave fans wanting to listen more,” he said.

The saxophonist said he will also be celebrating his Adult Contemporary Award which he won during last year’s South Africa Music Awards with his Welkom fans.

“I am going to perform tracks from all my three albums but highlight Likhomo as it is the new offering,” the jazz star said.

Bhudaza said his Welkom performance adds to a series of bookings he has received from South Africa this year.

“I think this is my seventh booking in South Africa this year alone.

“South Africans have shown a lot of support to my live performances and to my music in stores.”

Bhudaza said this was unlike Maseru where the market only appreciates free shows.

“I don’t get bookings a lot here in the country and the only time I see support is when I host free shows.”

He added: “For the jazz industry to blossom in Lesotho we need to learn to take the music to the fans and that means spreading our wings to the rest of the country, not just concentrating on Maseru.”

The entertainer is on a break before he releases his fourth album. Material for the new offering has already been penned down.

“I already have material for my next album due next year.

“This year I am working on a live DVD which will include selected tracks from the three albums I have released so far,” he said.

The respected musician said his music appeals to different crowds because it is about everyday life.

“My music talks to everyone irrespective of race and language. For instance, Babalase from Likhomo talks about a hangover from a long night of heavy drinking and everyone who has had a babalase knows what I am talking about.”

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