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Berea villagers shocked by brutal murder

Ntsebeng Motsoeli

BEREA — Villagers in Berea are in shock following the brutal murder of a 66-year-old man, Seabata Mokete, last Saturday.
Mokete was stabbed 17 times and had his throat slashed by two unknown men who are still at large.
He was attacked while on his way home from town at around 3pm, according to his wife, ‘Malesala.
‘Malesala witnessed the gruesome murder of her husband and was still visibly shaken by the murder when the Lesotho Times visited her home on Tuesday.
She said she is still in shock that her husband was murdered in broad daylight. She said she is still haunted by the image of her terrified husband when the two men attacked him and stabbed him to death.
“He was in so much shock when they attacked him. He did not believe his eyes. I cannot forget the expression on his face,” ‘Malesala said.
Narrating her ordeal, ‘Malesala said they met the two men who were going in the opposite direction.
She said they exchanged greetings with the two. But immediately after, the two made a sudden U-turn and attacked her husband, ‘Malesala said.
“Even then I did not realise that they were about to attack my husband.” 
She said she only realised that her husband was under attack when she heard his husband ask the men what they were up to.
“I heard him ask in a terrified voice what they were trying to do. When I looked back, they were stabbing him with their knives all over his body.
“I asked them to stop but they did not listen to me. I tried to call for help but my voice was so shaky and low. I ran to the chief’s home but he was not there.
“There was no one who could help me. While I was still running through the village looking for help, I knew that the murderers had killed my husband.
“When I finally managed to get some people to go and help my husband, it was already too late,” ‘Malesala said.
As word spread about the attack, villagers flocked to the scene.
“When I came nearer (the body) I could hear people crying. They said he was dead.
“I could hear them say his throat was cut. I sat down and cried. I was afraid to go nearer to him,” she said.
One of the suspects was arrested but was later released on Monday.
‘Malesala said she was not happy that the police had released the suspect as she was certain that he had a hand in the death of her husband.
“I know that he was one of the two men who attacked my husband. I saw him with my two eyes. I am not mistaken. They have made a big mistake by releasing him,” she said.
Chief Jooane Mopeli said he was having nightmares over Mokete’s death.
“He was covered in blood. His throat was cut open. I had never seen something like that in my whole life,” Mopeli said.
The police at Berea police station confirmed the incident saying investigations into the murder were still going on.

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