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Beauty queen fired over pregnancy post

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Mohalenyane Phakela

REIGNING Face of The KO Family, Martha Baartjies, has been released from her contract for failing to abide by the rules of the beauty pageant.

According to The KO Family publicist Jerry “Xtreme” Lehloka, 18-year-old Baartjies is reportedly now pregnant which he said was against the contract the two parties entered into when the teenager beat 39 fellow contestants to win the beauty contest on November 23, 2013.

The Makhoathi-born stunner is said to have made several posts on Facebook about her status and invited friends to a traditional ceremony to celebrate the pregnancy.

Lehloka said after being alerted about the Facebook messages, he contacted Baartjies to verify the news, which the teen reportedly did not deny, saying she “wanted” a baby.

“The contract stipulates that the titleholder is not to be engaged in any activities that contradict with the objectives of the movement. She is supposed to be a public figure, someone our youths can look up to.

“We have so many campaigns in which she is supposed to represent The KO Family that will motivate Lesotho’s youths.

“Her pregnancy will restrict us from executing our plans thoroughly and we cannot expect anyone to look up to her, which is why we included the clause in her contract.

“Keeping her simply means we support teenage pregnancy, which is something we are trying to fight, and was probably going to be part of her job.

“This whole saga came as a shock to us as we least expected it. It is true we have heard of models who breach contracts but not this way.

“We have made several attempts to get hold of her so we could officially release her but she has been telling us she is out of the country or ignored our calls. She will be replaced by the runner-up, as per the regulations of the pageant,” Lehloka explained.

Xpress People on Friday contacted Baartjies to get her side of the story.
She said: “My contract is flexible and I can do as I please.”

Pressed on the pregnancy issue, Baartjies terminated the call.

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