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Beauty queen appeals for votes

Mohalenyane Phakela

KHOPOTSO Michelle Dyamdeki is pleading with Basotho to help her garner the most votes to boost her chances of winning titles at the coveted World Miss University 2017 whose crowning is on Wednesday at the Kohpich Theatre Hall in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

The 20-year-old Broadcasting and Media student at Limkokwing University left the country on 6 December 2017 for Cambodia where she joined 80 other contestants from different countries.

The event is used to select a World Miss University Peace Corps representative. It was established in line with the United Nations’ resolution of 1986 of celebrating the International Year of Peace.

Since 1986, the pageant has been held 27 times with the aim of promoting world peace under the objectives of The Peace Movement for the World’s Unification, One World, Humanity as Brothers and Sisters as well as Environment Movement of Humanity to survive on Earth.

One must follow the World Miss University Facebook page in order to vote.

To vote for Dyamdeki in the Netizen Award, one must follow the link: http://wmu.world/pages/contestants/contestants_detail.asp?num=28&userseq=547.

In a recent interview with the Weekender from Phnom Penh, the Khubetsoana-born stunner said it was important for her to win at least one of the two titles hence the appeal for votes.

“It is important that I win one of the two votes titles as they also contribute towards the judges’ decision on selecting the queen because votes show the number of support one has,” Dyamdeki said.

“So far we have only competed in talent and did photoshoots. I have not seen any intimidating contestant so I am still confident I will bring the crown home. Pageantry is more than a hobby but a career to me hence I am giving this contest my all,” she said.


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