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Basutoland Ink inconveniencing us – premiership teams


Moorosi Tsiane

PREMIER League teams have accused apparel company, Basutoland Ink of inconveniencing them inconveniences by failing to deliver their replica jerseys in the agreed time.

In November last year, Basutoland Ink and Metropolitan Lesotho entered into an agreement with the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) to sponsor five league teams with playing gear and replica jerseys.

The five teams involved in the deal are Lijabatho, Swallows, Liphakoe, Lifofane and Sefotha-fotha.

Basutoland Ink injected M65 000 for the away playing gear while Metropolitan spent M500 000 for the home kits and up to 100 replicas for each team.

Early last month Basutoland Ink and Metropolitan delivered the home and away kits and said the replicas would follow at a later stage.

However, some of the teams are now crying foul that Basutoland Ink is failing to live up to its promises as the director, Bokang Kheekhe, keeps shifting deadlines.

According to one of the teams, the last time they spoke to Kheekhe, he said the replicas were being held at the Moshoeshoe I Airport and they would “soon get them”.

“About a fortnight ago he said the replicas were being held at Moshoeshoe I Airport for tax and he would soon get them released… but up to today (Friday), nothing has happened,” a member of one team said.

Another team said the delay is inconveniencing them as they are losing potential revenue from selling replicas thereby generating the much-needed revenue especially now when there are no soccer activities.

“We already have a list of supporters wanting to purchase replicas and were even willing to pay but we couldn’t take their money when we are unsure when we will get the replicas. This means that we are missing out on potential revenue.

“These are difficult times because we don’t have money but we must prepare for the new season. That requires money. We were banking on this deal to at least help us in preparing our teams while awaiting last season’s prizes,” he said.

An official from another team said he was surprised to hear that their replicas were at the airport because he had been told something different by Kheekhe.

“The last time I spoke to him, he said the shipment was in Durban awaiting to be transported to Lesotho, so I was not aware that it has already arrived in the country. It is such a devastating situation for us because we keep hearing different stories and the reason we have been quiet is because we didn’t want to ruin his relations with the sponsors. We are just hoping that he will deliver soon,” he said.

Kheekhe on said the replicas were still in Durban.

“The replicas they are talking about are still in Durban and I have been in constant communication with Ntate Maitin (former PLMC vice chairman Hlompho). I was waiting for them to be cleared so that we can courier them into the country. The goods that are at the airport are not part of this deal; they belong to other teams that I am working with.”

He said the teams would get their replicas next week.

“The clearing has been completed and by the end next week all the teams would have gotten their replicas. I have informed both the PLMC and Metropolitan,” Kheekhe said.





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