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Basotho warned over deadly STI

std-superbugNtsebeng Motsoeli

A NEWLY-DISCOVERED sexually-transmitted infection (STI), deadlier that the Human Immune Virus (HIV) and AIDS, could be heading our way.

The “Superbug” or H041, which is resistant to antibiotics, is a result of gonorrhoea which goes untreated for long periods of time, according to specialist physician, Dr ‘Molotsi Monyamane.

Monyamane said Basotho are vulnerable to contracting the gonorrhea due to their unhealthy sexual habits.
“Basotho are known for having multiple sexual partners. What is more worrying is the fact that they also do not practice protected sex. They are at a high risk of contracting the STIs,” Monyamane said on Friday.

He further said what is more worrying was that many people do not go to clinics to be examined by doctors or nurses before they get treated.
Monyamane added pharmacists were also adding to the problem by selling medication over-the-counter to people without doctors’ prescriptions.
“Over-the-counter medication may not heal the STI if the patient has not been examined by a doctor. Taking the wrong medication may build resistance. When the second line of medicine cannot treat the disease then fatalities can happen. It can spread to other body-parts,” he said.

Although no cases of H041 have been discovered in Lesotho as yet, he said this does not mean the country is free from this new scourge because tests have not yet been carried out.

However, Monyamane said the Ministry of Health last week sent a team of doctors and nurses to Johannesburg, South Africa, for training on how to detect the symptoms of the STI.

With Lesotho having an HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of 23 percent, Monyamane said many Basotho’s immune system is compromised and could easily contract the STI.

The best way to remain uninfected, he said, is by abstaining from multiple sexual relationships or using condoms for protection.

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