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Basotho dressing shocks Lebza

LEBZA-Sax during his performance at Cappello Lesotho

Mamohlakola Letuka

THE dressing of Basotho in general and at Capello, at the Maseru Mall, shocked South African musician, Lebza Sax, who last Friday expected them to be in their blankets and gumboots.

Formal and casual dressing in Lesotho was the last thing that the artiste expected given the pride with which the blanket culture has been propagated beyond the country’s border.

The gig was part of his Lesotho tour and he left revelers begging for more after his saxophone set where he played popular house music tracks.

Initially, the artiste had the audience worried as they adjudged his set from a sound check where he played random notes but he later had them feeding off his palms.

The musician who prefers deep house music said he opted for the lighter tracks as he was cautious not to lose the audience.

He said he had the impression that the venue was for a mature jazz audience.

“I opted for a lighter note because I don’t want people to just watch and not dance,” Lebza said.

“I love intimate audiences, they let me communicate better.”

The artiste said he had learned how to communicate through his music.

He said he fell in love with the saxophone as he grew up in a jazz environment although he later settled for house music.

“I wanted something different from what I am used to, hence I choose house.”

The tour is part of his music expansion and unifying the nations through the melodies. The artiste also conceded he had a misinformed perspective of Basotho.

“I had really though I was going to be met with people in blankets and gumboots, but I was shocked upon my arrival,” said the artiste who said he was on a mission to expand his music while also unifying nations.

“Music is universal language on its own, and I would love to work with local artistes.”

He however said he felt privileged to perform in the mountain kingdom, and was content with the response he received from the audience.

Lebza was also expected to play at Times Café and 4Fordy yesterday while he is scheduled to perform at and will be at bar-one on Monday.


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