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Bantu vice president resigns amid infighting claims

Moorosi Tsiane

THERE is no letting up in the infighting within Bantu amid revelations that the Mafeteng outfit’s vice president technical, Panyane Phiri, has resigned.

According to authoritative sources, Phiri exchanged harsh words with club president, Leuta John Leuta, over the alleged failure to pay some players their November salaries.

Phiri confirming his resignation to this publication. He however, denied falling out with Leuta.

“I have resigned from the post of vice president technical because I felt that the time had come to give others a chance to take over the leadership. We were no longer seeing eye to eye on some issues with the rest of the management,” Phiri said.

He said although there was no animosity between him and Leuta, there were some people working hard to destroy their relationship.

“There is no bad blood between me and president Leuta but the problem was that there were people going behind my back to speak ill of me. I lefty because I couldn’t continue working with such people. I can’t work with people who are not clear whether we are going forward or backwards as a team.

“He (Leuta) called me and proposed that we have a meeting to discuss this issue so I am still waiting for him,” said Phiri.

On his part, Leuta confirmed received Phiri’s resignation letter but said they were yet to meet to discuss the issue.

“I received his resignation letter and I have asked for us to meet because he did not say why he was leaving. I therefore felt it necessary for us to sit down and try to talk things through,” said Leuta, adding that he had always worked very well with Phiri.

“We have worked harmoniously with Phiri. Of course, there will always be some misunderstandings here and there like in any organisation or set-up. But that is not to say that the relations were bad.”

Leuta however, admitted that he had heard rumours about Phiri’s discontentment hence why he wanted a meeting with his erstwhile deputy.

“I heard the rumours (about Phiri’s unhappiness). That is why I also wanted us to meet to see if whatever was bothering him was something we could iron out,” Leuta said.

However, some sources insisted that there was bad blood between two.

“For some time, the club has been divided into two camps with one group backing Leuta against Phiri,” a source said.

“The latest squabble they had was of over a player (Neo Mokhachane) who was not paid his November salary. When Phiri tried to follow the issue, he couldn’t get clear answers from Leuta and this created tension between the two. There was a confrontation which could have led to Phiri throwing in the towel,” the source added.

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