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Bantu to host gala dinner at Maseru Sun

Pascalinah Kabi MASERU — Bantu vice president Advocate Jafta Thamae says the club will go ahead with plans to host the team’s gala dinner at Maseru Sun.

Thamae was responding following charges on a local radio station that some supporters were pushing for the dinner to be held in Mafeteng.

The annual gala dinner has been set at Maseru Sun on June 23 with the aim of raising funds for the team.

Thamae said they were going ahead with plans for the dinner in Maseru as the views aired on the radio station belonged to a single supporter who wanted to push his own agenda.

“That was just a view from one supporter who has his own agenda. He wants to use the gala dinner as a platform to push whatever agenda he has,” Thamae said.

Bantu supporters throughout the country know that the gala dinner is a Maseru branch’s initiative
whose motive was to raise funds for the team, Thamae said. Bantu has branches in Mafeteng, Qacha’s Nek, Quthing, Teyateyaneng and Maseru.

He said all these branches come up with their own initiatives to help develop the team with the committee scrutinising each branch’s proposal before it can be endorsed or rejected.

“Our supporters fully understand how we operate as a team together with their branch committees and this is just one person with his own agenda,” he said.

He said the Maseru branch had last year proposed to the team’s executive committee that they wanted to hold an annual fundraising gala dinner.

“We endorsed it and it will always be held in Maseru because it is after all a Maseru branch proposal,” he said.

Qacha’s Nek is also set to hold its own initiative in September this year as part of branch committee’s activity.

Meanwhile, Thamae said the price for the gala dinner tickets have been set at M250 each.

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