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Bantu, PLMC smoke peace pipe

Moorosi Tsiane

ECONET Premier League leaders Bantu and the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) have finally buried the hatchet after weeks of warring over a fundraising programme that is being run by the Mafeteng side.

The PLMC accused Bantu of sabotaging its own efforts to raise funds for all premiership teams three weeks ago and ordered the Mafeteng outfit to stop. Bantu defied the order saying the campaign was being spearheaded by its fans.

However, the PLMC last week slapped Bantu with a “show cause” letter saying why it cannot be charged for misconduct for contravening Section 50.6.11 of the Premier League and A Division rules and regulations.

The two parties finally met on Tuesday and set aside their differences.

Bantu president Leuta John Leuta and the PLMC confirmed the meeting to this publication on Friday.

“We met with the PLMC and ironed out our differences,” Leuta said.

“It was agreed that we bury the hatchet and find a solution for both parties to work together going forward. We also advised the PLMC that they should try to look more into sourcing funds from the corporate sector and not from the supporters and they heard our point. In the meantime, we will continue with our programme.”

The two sides also agreed that Bantu must reprimand its supporters for attacking the PLMC on social media. He said they were happy that the PLMC gave them a chance to speak out.

“Both sides made mistakes and we are happy that we eventually sat down and ironed out our differences. The PLMC also ordered us to rein in our fans.

“It shouldn’t have gone this far; I think both parties could have tried to be more civil.”

PLMC spokesperson Moeketsi Ramakatsa also echoed Leuta’s sentiments.

“The two parties met and Bantu apologised. It was agreed that Bantu should continue with their campaign but also stop using their M-Pesa merchant,” Ramakatsa said.

He said they also resolved that the PLMC aborts its fundraising programme and let teams raise their own funds. The PLMC should instead focus on securing corporate sponsorship.

“The rest of the teams can continue sourcing their own funds on the side while we are also trying assist them,” Ramakatsa said.

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