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Bank launches new uniform

Mathabana Kotelo

MASERU — Standard Lesotho Bank held a parade on Monday to officially introduce the new ladies’ corporate uniform. The bank’s female staff  members get  new uniforms every two years to refresh  the company’s brand according to the bank’s policy.

Standard Lesotho Bank marketing officer, Natasha Ntlhasinye, said they decided to hold an official parade to launch the new uniform and demonstrate to the staff how the different items are paired. “The parade was an exciting experience for our staff who have been anxiously waiting for the new uniform”, she said.

The new-look uniform is predominantly blue with white and consists of navy skirts, pants, full dress and waist coat which are paired with a different blouse design for each day of the week. Speaking about the different uniform designs, Ntlhasinye said, “For Monday we have a blue and white striped shirt and a
white one for Tuesday which is worn with a scarf.”

“On Wednesday the ladies wear a full dress paired with a white shirt with a blue pattern and neckties with a pleated skirt then on Thursday we wear the same skirt with a blue shirt”, she added. She said Friday is a casual day at the bank on which staff members wear civvies. Ntlhasinye said the corporate uniform is an important part of the bank’s image, adding that the new look and design of the uniform was fresh and modern in line with the bank’s progress.

“Our corporate uniform presents a consistent and professional look and not only makes the brand recognisable but also makes us easily identifiable to our customers”, Ntlhasinye said. She indicated that they only had a ladies’ uniform at present but were exploring the idea of having a men’s uniform in future for consistency.

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