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Award winners off to China

MASERU — Lesotho Haeso Music Award winners left the country yesterday for a week-long tour of China.

The tour was organised by the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC), which runs the local music awards.

LTDC senior arts and crafts officer, Moliehi Ntene, said the trip was made possible through the good relations and co-operation between the governments of Lesotho and China.

“This is part of co-operation,” said Ntene.

“The winners will benefit a lot from China.”

She said the government had paid for airfares, while China would be responsible for accommodation, food and transport from province to province within the Asian country.

Ntene said the Basotho artists are expected back in the country next Sunday.

Kwaito segment winner, Thabo Rakhomo, also known as Mthibo, said he was proud that he was going to China.

“I am delighted. This is the first time I am going to China to represent Basotho,” he said.

The gospel award and overall winner, Khahliso Mphephoka, said he never expected that he would be in China representing Basotho.

“I am happy. We will be representing Lesotho in China, and people in China will know what Lesotho is,” said Mphephoka.

Masia Ramakhula, the famo music award winner, said the fact that they were going to China had boosted his confidence.

He is relatively new to the music industry.

“I am proud that my talent has taken me to China,” Ramakhula said.

“God is on our side. He gave us the talent and we are now going places.”

A delegation of 18, including the musicians and government officials, was expected to leave for the tour yesterday.

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