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Auditor General outlines plans ahead

Bereng Mpaki

THE office of the Auditor General (OAG) is targeting proper collection of revenue and spending of public funds as part of its objectives for the 2019/2020 financial year.

The OAG, which is the country’s supreme audit institution charged with promoting sustainable public accountability and transparency, will also target reduction of fraud and corruption levels, mismanagement and wastage of public resources.

The office recently outlined its plans to the civil society and said will further assist the effective management of government programmes for sustainable development.

The meeting with representatives of the civil society organisations was meant to forge working relations with the sector. In her address, Auditor General Lucy Liphafa said they were counting on the input of the civil society in its operations.

The meeting followed a similar one with the media which took place in last November as part of the organisation’s stakeholder engagement project.

“Based on government priorities, the OAG will undertake compliance, financial and performance audits of ministries, departments and agencies in order to achieve the following:

  • Proper collection of revenue and spending of public funds according to the rules, regulations and parliamentary intentions;
  • Reduction of fraud and corruption levels, mismanagement and wastage of public resources;
  • Assisting in effective management of government programmes and projects for sustainable development;
  • Implementing and monitoring of projects and programmes towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Promoting service delivery by ministries, departments, local councils and statutory bodies during the execution of the allocated budget;
  • Improvement in the procurement of goods and services in public sector entities,” Ms Liphafa said.

Ms Liphafa said they were keen to establish a working partnership with the civil society.

“The purpose of our meeting is to know each other, to appreciate and understand our roles and responsibilities, to establish lines of partnerships and to appreciate our challenges and achievements,” Ms Liphafa said.

For her part, the Director of Patriot Vision in Action, Palesa Ntakatsane, told the Sunday Express that both parties would mutually benefit from working together as there are similarities in some of their functions.

“We have similar programmes with those of the AOG such as social audits where we assess the effectiveness of some of the public development projects. So we believe this is a chance to collaborate with them because we are able to reach communities,” Ms Ntakatsane said.

She said, the AOG could help in strengthening the capacity of civil society in terms of skills and information as they have always had these two challenges.

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