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Auditions on for play based on true story

Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — About a dozen actors and actresses will be battling for roles in a forthcoming play based on a true story. NTP Productions will hold auditions for the play, Sefaha, next Saturday.

Sefaha, which means necklace in Sesotho, is based on a true story that happened in Butha-Buthe in 1987. The play will be directed by its scriptwriter, Bofihla “Hlaba U Je” ‘Neko. “We are holding auditions for the new play called Sefaha,” ‘Neko told Xpress People. “The auditions will be held on Saturday but the venue is yet to be confirmed.” ‘Neko said he was influenced to write the script by a true story which happened in Butha-Buthe district. “The only difference between Sefaha and the true story is the ending,” he said.

“In the true story, the woman who Mohlouoa loves got married while we’ve decided to kill her in our play.” The story begins when a child is conceived in a premarital affair. Mohlouoa’s mother falls pregnant during her teens. The man responsible dumps his mother soon after discovering that she was pregnant. Mohlouoa is raised by his grandparents even though his grandfather does not love him.

Later, Mohlouoa’s mother marries another man. But she keeps her son’s birth and existence a secret from her husband.

All hell breaks loose when Mohlouoa’s grandmother dies. He is 12. His grandfather’s hatred towards him worsens until he throws him out of the house. Like any other boy his age, Mohlouoa goes to the capital Maseru with the hope of starting a new life altogether. But his life is filled with strong hatred towards women.

He lives with that hatred for the next 16 years. But that changes when he meets one woman and decides to propose to her. Unfortunately, he never gets a chance to propose. She is hit by a car and dies on the spot.

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