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Atomic Wolf perspires to inspire

Mohalenyane Phakela

HE is just 17, but rapper Atomic Wolf is already inspiring the youth to aspire for better things through his music.
It is because of his motivational lyrics that this Borokhoaneng-born rapper has managed to clinch a contract with the Ministry of Health to teach and motivate his peers. Atomic Wolf, together with the ministry, holds several workshops urging youths to abstain from drug abuse, highlighting the consequences of teenage pregnancy and also motivating them to believe in their dreams.

“Being a teenager myself, I have realised that we are vulnerable to a lot of challenges such as drugs and alcohol abuse, and can easily be influenced in our attempt to fit in,” Atomic Wolf told Xpress People this week.
“My dream is to see the youth of Lesotho standing up for what they believe in and ensuring they make their dreams a reality.
“It would also be a great honour to see parents supporting the careers their children choose.”

Atomic Wolf’s foray into the music industry started in 2009 albeit as just a hobby until people who heard his witty punchlines advised him to consider making it a career. This culminated in his first offering, Libata tsa Maliba, which means beasts of valleys.

The up-and-coming artist’s lyrics are teeming with anecdotes, and belie a musician with a lot of stories to tell. Infused in his music are the influences of the Basotho culture as well as ethnic and global sounds.
“I am not inspired by the modern Hip Hop of flashy cars and money,” he said.
“My music is the platform on which I express my feelings and thoughts, in a poetic manner, which will bring change and inspire others.”
Asked who some of his influences are, Atomic Wolf said he did not look up to anybody “because I want to create my own style”.
“But I enjoy and love working with people who are passionate about this artform, such as T-Mech and Skebz-D,” he said.

The eponymous title track to the album, Libata tsa Maliba, familiarises listeners to Atomic Wolf as an artist; where he is coming from and where he is headed. In the song, he also dispels the notion that local artists cannot make it big, vowing to break that monotony.

Morabaraba, a song inspired by the traditional Basotho game, speaks of how modernity is taking over and people are forgetting their roots; something they should take pride in.
The song is already on the Ultimate radio charts and furthering Atomic Wolf’s goal to be a household name.

Atomic Wolf is part of the Carbon Beats Entertainment stable, a record label launched the same year he started his musical career and which produces different musical genres including Rock n Roll.
Carbon Beats Entertainment video director and photographer, Ciggma B, said their mission is to become the change they want to see in the industry. According to Ciggma B, the label is focusing on Atomic Wolf because, despite being young, his songs carry important messages.

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