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At least Malema is honest

by Sunday Express
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By Chris Moerdyk

I REALLY can’t understand why so many people have been hot and bothered about Julius Malema supporting athletics boss, Leonard Chuene, by saying that it’s OK to lie to “protect your own”.

Let’s face it, the vast majority of politicians the world over continually lie in the teeth to protect their own. So does sports administrators and lawyers and newspaper editors and SABC bosses. And please don’t forget about businessmen. I reckon that company CEOs and their PR people lie more often than anyone else on earth to protect their own. Even churches lie with monotonous regularity to protect their own.

And hands up any parent who hasn’t lied to teachers, headmasters, sports coaches, music tutors, neighbours and even their own families, to protect their most precious own kids? Now, the way I see it, is that Malema is at least being honest by openly admitting that when it comes to protecting your own, it’s OK to lie. Maybe Leonard Chuene was also being honest? Not that all this makes lying acceptable. But, if Malema and Chuene had to stand up in front of the entire South African population and say, “let him who has never lied to protect his own, cast the first stone”, I doubt very much whether either of them would suffer so much as a gentle ping on the ponce from a pebble.

Perhaps though, what everyone is really annoyed about with Malema, is that he came out publicly and admitted that it’s OK to lie to protect your own, instead of just shutting up about it and letting everyone vent their self-righteous indignation at Chuene for daring to admit to lying. As if he was the only bloke in the history of South Africa to lie. Frankly, I think the whole ASA bunch should be fired because they’re inept and useless and not because they’re liars. Because if Chuene gets fired for lying, my oath, we’d have to fire parliament, every company listed on the stock exchange, shut down every school and put 99 percent of the South African population behind bars.

And still on the subject of the honest and outspoken Malema, I am sure that the Nedbank bosses are quaking in their boots at the prospect of young Malema marshalling all his forces to boycott them. One has to remember that the immense power that Malema wields is because he has the ears, respect, hearts and minds of 18 percent of the voting public of this country. All of whom are unemployed youth.

They were the ones he marshaled to vote the ANC into power earlier this year and in so doing contributed the single biggest block of voters in the history of SA politics. Don’t kid yourself, Malema, apart from being such an honest fellow, has enormous clout.

But, I can’t see how on earth all those millions of unemployed youth are going to boycott Nedbank. And on the subject of Nedbank, do they really think that we are idiots? What am I saying, for crying out loud? Of course all banks think we are idiots. That’s a proven fact and no lie. They have cancelled a five-year multimillion- rand sponsorship deal with Athletics South Africa after only four years and now they try to tell us it had nothing to do with the ASA fracas, the Caster Semenya cock-up and Chuene lying.

If that’s true then their timing of the announcement was really bad. Oh, come on Nedbank, why don’t you just be honest like Malema and come out straight and tell us that you no longer want to be associated with the ASA because of Cheune’s lies and the handling of the Semenya saga? Sometimes I wish that banks and politicians and sports administrators and police and business and churches could be as open and honest as Malema. At least we all know where we are with him.

Unlike banks that smarm and smile at us, make us all sorts of promises and then turn round and stab us in the back, feed us lies and screw us blind. So much so that if Malema was a registered financial institution, I’d be happy to let him handle my overdraft. — News24.com.

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