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… as Moremoholo is ejected

MASERU — The circus at the parliamentary public accounts committee meeting on Thursday had already started before Finance Minister Timothy Thahane arrived.
Before they turned against Thahane, the MPs were already up in arms against ABC MP Libe Moremoholo.
The opposition lawmaker had barely taken his seat when NIP MP ’Malebaka Bulane accosted him asking what he wanted at the meeting. 
Moremoholo is not a member of the public accounts committee.
Bulane rudely asked Moremoholo what committee he belonged to.
The MPs were divided on this one.
LPC leader Kelebone Maope thought Moremoholo should be allowed to stay through the meeting.
After a brief exchange, Moremoholo headed for the door.
But before he got to the door he made the offensive “N-x-a-a!” remark.
That infuriated Letuka Nkole of the NIP.
He quipped: “To whom are you directing that remark?”
“To both of you,” retorted Moremoholo, who by this time had reached the door.
“This boy oa tella (this boy is disrespectful),” said an angry Nkole as he went after Moremoholo.
But by the time Nkole got to the main entrance of the meeting room, Moremoholo was already outside.
Nkole’s colleagues who had also rushed outside pleaded with him not to chase Moremoholo.
Nkole relented and went back inside. — Staff Reporters.

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