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Artiste drops timely Easter offering

Mohalenyane Phakela

TALENTED afro-ethnic musician Rasekhele Masilo is set to release his debut album during the course of this week.
The 10-track album, titled Eloi Eloi is set to be followed by a jazz compilation a week later, the Quthing-based artiste told Xpress People.

The gifted Masilo’s songs reflect on daily life struggles and the power of prayer making use of his smooth, melodic voice and knack for song-writing.

Speaking to Xpress People last Thursday, the multi-talented artiste said he hoped the upcoming album is going to pass a message that would “change people” and expand his fan-base.
“It is every musician’s dream to flourish, but this compilation is more focused on making people aware that there is no problem greater than God.
“There is never a smooth journey in life, and people should learn not to despair but lift their hands up to Jesus for He will never abandon them.
“I believe my story of the challenges I have gone through and what I have achieved today through God’s manifesto in me, which I portray in the album, will motivate everybody who listens to it,” Masilo said.

The title-track, Eloi Eloi, speaks about the problems Masilo has gone through in life, which he said made him feel as if God had “forsaken me”, reminiscent of Jesus’ words when he was being nailed to the cross.

The rest of the compilation speaks of how the Lord can help people overcome every obstacle, as well as praise-songs, a timely release as Easter is around the corner.

Apart from singing, Masilo plays a number of instruments such as the guitar, accordion and piano — skills he said he acquired under the tutelage of his elder brother.
“My brother was my mentor as it was through him that I had this passion for music, and learned to play most instruments way back in 1997,” he said.


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