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Another secret LCD meeting





Caswell Tlali

MASERU — Political games don’t come this dirty.

First Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) youth league’s secretary general Selibe Mochoboroane writes to the party structures alleging that some nine MPs and youth members held a secret meeting on July 17 to discuss toppling the party’s leadership.

He then repeats the same allegations in a newspaper interview and insists that he stands by the contents of that damning circular.

But if you think that the youth leader has upstaged his rivals with that controversial missive then wait until you hear the allegations coming from ’Mamonare Moeletsi, one of the youth leaders that Mochoboroane alleges attended the secretive meeting at the United Churches Hall.

Moeletsi, a youth from Senqu constituency, says Mochoboroane is making those allegations to cover up his own secret meeting held on July 17.

Moeletsi denies allegations that she attended the meeting at United Churches Hall but says she is aware that on the same night Mochoboroane had “his own secret meeting with his faction” at the Co-operatives College Hall before he went to disrupt the meeting at United Churches Hall.

Moeletsi’s name features prominently in Mochoboroane’s circular.

In the circular the secretary general describes in detail how Moeletsi “jumped up” to confront him and the league’s chairperson, Rorisang Mokoena, when they entered United Churches Hall.

Mochoboroane claims that Moeletsi asked them what they were doing at the meeting.

He also says one of the participants told him that the agenda of the meeting was to discuss how to topple the party’s national executive as well as the youth league committee.

But Moeletsi says all these are Mochoboroane’s lies meant to cover his own meeting he had held with his own faction on the same day.

“Mochoboroane should have reported himself to the party leadership for holding a secret meeting on the very same night he purports to have gone to the Maseru United Churches to disrupt another secret meeting,” Moeletsi said.

“He is so ambitious to become the youth leader that he ends up fabricating letters to paint (wrong) images about other members of the party,” she said.

“Mochoboroane should apologise to members of parliament and other prominent people whose images he tarnished by saying they attended the secret meetings.”

Moeletsi also accused Mochoboroane of leaking the party’s confidential documents to the press.

“I have no doubt that he was the one who leaked the circular to the media because he is part of a smear campaign,” she said.

“All circulars are confidential documents of the party and are not supposed to be in the wrong hands.”

The Sunday Express did not get the letter from Mochoboroane.

Mochoboroane says the allegations that he held a secret meeting are “pure lies”.

“We never had a meeting of that nature. There is nothing like that,” he said.

“Please ask her who was in that meeting with me. Why does she not give you names? In our circular we indicated the names of people who were at the meeting. She must do the same about our meeting.”

Mudslinging has escalated in the LCD youth league ahead of its elective conference to be held on August 29.

Mochoboroane is said to be eyeing the post of league president which is currently held by Mosala Mojakisane.

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