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Angry on God’s behalf

HAS anyone ever paused to think why some Christians thrive on striking fear into the hearts of non-believers?

Is it not because such Christians do not understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ upon which the Christian faith is based?

Not that I understand the Bible better.

Yet that’s exactly my frustration!

Whenever I have tried to understand the religion and its teachings I have been unfortunate to meet sadistic Christians who take pleasure in making other people feel “hellish”.

They tell you symbolic practices like brewing sorghum beer to remember our dead are satanic — as if the white man who brought Christianity to the shores of Africa does not have his own traditions.

Like burning incense to chase away evil spirits!

If they are tired of stuffing that nonsense into your ears, the fear-mongers either spurt the crap about burning in hell or God meting out heavy punishment against sinners and non-believers.

When you ask them if that’s not the antithesis of the compassion, spirituality and love which the religion champions, they become so defensive.

They hide behind the “it’s the will of God” mantra in their desperate attempts to stifle and obfuscate meaningful debate on religion.

If you ask them what they don’t know, they label you blasphemous.

In fact, some of them get angry on behalf of God.

“You need prayers!” they usually quip.

Yet it is such people who need more prayers for endangering a religion that has taught the world love, forgiveness and all the virtues that make us a peaceful and happy people.

Just last week the fear-mongers managed to convince close to a dozen students at schools in Maputsoe to vanish into the “wilderness to meet Jesus”.

“The world has nothing for us,” the students wrote in a letter they left before vanishing.

“God is the one who will give us everlasting life.”

“We will do everything in our power to leave this world,” they added.

Thank God, they have been found.

I hope the loony buffoon who had shepherded these impressionable kids will be caught and made to answer for his deeds.

The Maputsoe case suggests many Basotho could be at the mercy of cults or sects led by fundamentalists who hide behind dogma to sate their narcissistic desires.

We must watch out for such fundamentalists who thrive on isolating gullible followers from outside influences that might cause them to doubt their saintliness.

And these marshals of blind faith, who claim exclusive access to God’s will, normally target the very vulnerable in society — the loveless, the sick and hopelessly poor included.

I know some Christians will regard this article in bad taste because they are already victims of fear-mongers who take every opportunity to misinterpret the Bible.

By the way, I am Anglican.


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