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Dirty little schemer

ZWELAKHE Mda, the man who has been at the helm of the Law Society of Lesotho for a decade now, is a scheming lawyer with a very small reservoir of shame when it comes to his pursuit for power.

When his grip on power was threatened by Molefi Ntlhoki at the society’s conference on Friday Mda went for the hatchet.

Then he started literally bashing Ntlhoki’s head with it.

Ntlhoki was a backstabber and a dirty political schemer, Mda, charged.

Ntlhoki is a beneficiary of the government’s controversial vehicle-for-chefs scheme because his wife had benefited, Mda added.

And Ntlhoki left the commission when it needed him the most, he said.

When Ntlhoki tried to protest Mda put his foot down and reminded him that the floor belonged to him and no one else.

Of course Mda didn’t hear the echo of his own words.

If he had heard them he would have noticed that they were pregnant with irony.

He was accusing Ntlhoki of backstabbing but here he was dragging the same man’s name in the mud.

He was accusing Ntlhoki of scheming but there he was engaging in the most blatant of scheming tactics.

When election time came Mda was victorious by one vote.

Did all that sleaze bring only one extra vote?

Perhaps being lawyers, the voters saw right through him.

What is however clear is that Ntlhoki left the conference cleaner than Mda as far as the reputation of scheming and backstabbing is concerned.

Factories of poverty

So, the Wages Advisory Board decided that textile workers deserve a wage increase of only M15. 

What do they expect a textile worker to do with M15 run extra?

What on this earth does the Wages Advisory Board expect a hungry textile worker to do with that kind of money.

Even those nightshift workers that parade their wares in the streets of Maseru every night won’t take a M15-job no matter how desperate they are.

And what were those spineless trade unionists doing on that board if all they could get was a M15 increment for their members.

It’s hard not to smell a rat on this one.

It’s either the union leaders were sitting on the factory owners’ laps during the meetings or their hands were tied by ropes made of M200 notes.

Otherwise how do they justify such a treasonous deal with the employers?

How else do they explain the fact that most of the trade unionists are rotund while almost all textile workers are a malnourished lot?

Amateurish indeed

The Lesotho Athletics Amateur Association (LAAA) is probably the most appropriately named organisation in this country.

It’s also the most amateurishly run association if the news we are hearing is to be believed.

First they threaten to ban athletes they accuse of underperforming during the Commonwealth Games last month.

Then this week they refuse to give athletes permits to compete in the Soweto Marathon.

Then enter LAAA spokesman Sejanamane Maphathe, a public relations disaster always “eager” to happen.

“Yes, we have said that if they do not disclose their contracts with their sponsors to us we can’t give those permits,” he said.

“That is the position of the association.”

Curiously, Maphathe doesn’t refer to any statutes to show the athletes that the LAAA’s position is justified and just.

He says the athletes must comply because that is the “position of the association”.

Maphathe is playing with fire.

A man with such a potbelly should know what to say to hungry and angry athletes because he will certainly not be able to outrun them if they become physical with him.

Mmmmmm, can you run Maphathe?

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