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American duo winds up tour

’Matšei Moloi

MASERU — American country music group The Bob Livingston Duo ended their week-long tour of Lesotho with a performance at the Alliance Francaise in Maseru on Friday night.
The group — comprising of guitarist Bob Livingston and Richard Bowden, who plays the violin — arrived in the country on Tuesday last week and has been wowing audiences with some captivating performances.
On Wednesday morning, the Texas-based duo played at Machabeng College before  entertaining guests at the Lesotho Sun on Thursday evening.
The Duo also played at Maseru Prep Friday morning before being hosted by Alliance Française at the Alliance Française Garden in the evening, where revellers could be seen dancing into the evening.
Public diplomacy officer at the United States Embassy Sara Devlin said the idea behind the performances is sharing the different music cultures.
“The reason is to share a little bit of European and American culture and music,” she said.
Director of Alliance Française, Jean-Yves Carnino said the group was in Maseru to promote cultural understanding.
“We want to promote culture because we are all brothers and sisters; we have to share and exchange different cultures,” Carnino said.
“We are going to host several other performances in Maseru, among them the “Ooh La La” Music Festival on December 12, in which two choral music groups, afro-pop and aro-jazz groups will also be performing.”

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