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Alvin unfazed by criticism

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‘Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Local reggae/rap pioneer, Charles Alvin, has said he takes the criticism he gets in his stride and remains unfazed by being branded 2013’s most overrated artiste.

Alvin was awarded the ignoble 2013’s Most Overrated Artiste award by arts outfit Kain Streetwear on their “Lesotho Hip Hop 2013 wrap up”, which they posted on their blog.

On the blog, Kain Streetwear wrote: “If there is one hardest (sic) thing to invent it is one’s own sub-genre.

“It takes a lot of creativity and inspiration but this Rasta rap is a total flop! “It does not possess any distinctive sound, regardless of the producer involved.

“Furthermore, the performances are not as intriguing as one would expect. “Charles is one of those artistes who are underground but manage to make it to the mainstream without any concrete

However, speaking to XpressPeople this week, the rapper said, for him to receive so much flak it means his music is making an impact.

“Ten years ago, when I first engaged in rap music, I never thought there would be a time when my name would be on most people’s minds,” Alvin said. “I have only released four songs, but I am already giving them something to write about.”

“Who manages to shake up the industry with just a couple of songs on a totally unexpected tip?
“They say I am overrated, but I gladly take that home. I would hate me too if I were them,” Alvin said chuckling.

Meanwhile, Alvin was evasive on spelling out the date for the release of his forthcoming album, except only to say his fans “should be on their toes”. “Everyone who has heard my music
knows what I am capable of and fans should expect to be blown away by what I will be offering this time; something out of this world,” said Alvin.

“As it stands, it’s Jah the Rasta and the rap (Hip Hop blended with reggae) sound of the future making waves today.”

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