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All set for return of car spinners’ battle


Mohalenyane Phakela

EXCEL Garage in Masianokeng will on Saturday host the return of the popular “Gusheshe” spin and drift motorsport after a two-year absence.

The show will see Mazi aka General and his crew from Bloemfontein, taking on local drifters such as Posholi, Mosebo, Lithebe and Liphalapha among others. DJs Pablo and Pman will entertain the crowd behind the decks.

The daredevil motorsport originated in South Africa’s townships in the early 1990s with the most popular cars from the 1991 BMW 3-series model range. The BMW 3-series cars have since been named Gusheshe for the sound their engines make when they are revved.

Although the motorsport was synonymous with car theft and township gangsterism during the 90’s, it has since gained mainstream appeal with people from all walks of life participating.

In Lesotho, the event was previously held at Lerakong in Masianokeng with local spinners taking on those from South Africa. However, the last show was held in December 2013 after the venue was sold, leaving the organizers with no alternative site.

According to one of the organizers and car spinner, Bofihla “Lilaphalapha” Neko, the shortage of appropriate venues was holding the motorsport’s development back and also hitting them hard in the pocket since it was a source of income.

“We had been looking for an alternative venue since Lerakong was taken over by a local business, and it has taken us two years to get one. A good Samaritan, who operates a filling station in Masianokeng was kind enough to offer us space at his premises,” said Neko.

“So many people love this motorsport, but we had no venue to cater for them. The hiatus also devastated us financially since we were able to generate income from the entrance fees.”

He said that while some people regarded car spinning as a daredevil sport, it was “safe” since no injuries had occurred to date.

“There has never been a report of an accident during our previous shows. Of course car spinning, just like drifting, is no walk in the park as we are made to believe in the movie, Fast and Furious,” Neko quipped.

“However, it is not an impossibility, but requires a lot of practice and a sober mind. Our aim is to show people that car spinning is not a sport of crooks as most think, but a form of entertainment. It is also meant to get young people off the streets and drugs.”

He also called on the corporate sector to support the motorsport, adding that they intended to hold competitions in the future to increase its fanbase.



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