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Afro Jazz sensation back with a bang

Mohalenyane Phakela

Afro Jazz sensation and human rights lawyer, Mookho Moqhali, has released a single in which she appeals to Basotho to return to farming and further use their talents to combat the hunger paralysing the nation.

The single Mphe-mphe ea Lapisa (loosely translated to mean “begging fuels more hunger”) which features the legendary, Puseletso “’M’e Mpuse” Seema, is a fusion of Jazz and Famo sounds.

Produced by Taks Beats, the song starts with mellow African beats which Mookho rides on with her powerful lyrics to urge Basotho to fight hunger through agriculture instead of crowding in Maseru in search of the elusive better life.

Famo veteran ’M’e Mpuse joins in, blending in smoothly with her popular lyrical style which begins with her signature line “hele-helele ngoanaka.”

Speaking to Xpress People recently, the gifted songstress said that she has realised that the better way to sustain lives is through farming.

“I am currently working  as the country director of Acculturation of Community Health and Development (AHD) and during one of the workshops I attended, it was said that 709 000 Basotho in the eight of the 10 districts go to bed on empty stomachs,” Moqhali said.

“The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have also listed hunger as one of the primary problems that need to be addressed. Having realised how much of our land is being wasted in our rural homes as we flock to Maseru seeking better lives, it is therefore my plea to countrymen to go back to agriculture which will emancipate us.

“There are so many people who graduated from different institutions but most remain unemployed. We also have talents we can use such as fashion design and craft-making so it is high time we focused on self-employment,” she said.

Mookho Moqhali broke into the music industry in 2008 as a backing vocalist and has worked with the likes of Kommanda Obbs, DJ Mosh, Mapule and Majisto. She started her solo career in 2015 with the four-track extended project (EP) Ha Re Eng which won her the Best Jazz Compilation at the Ultimate Music Awards that same year.

She has graced many stages including the Miss Lesotho 2018 and even performed alongside American singer, Maya Azucena, when the latter visited Lesotho in 2016.

She said her new single will be featured on her forthcoming 11-track album Seli Laka which is due for release next month. She describes her collaboration with ‘M’e Mpuse as a combination of two patriotic souls.

“I have worked with ‘M’e Mpuse before on the Youth for Peace Project in 2015 and I fell in love with the way she composes music.

“The fusion of Famo and Jazz is merely a union of hearts that shared a love for music and passion for development as Basotho,” she said.

She further said the new album will feature motivational and empowering songs with Ke Thabile, Ntumelle, Time and Seasons as some of the tracks to look out for.


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