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ABC youths told to behave

Soulo, who is also Minister in Prime Minister Thomas
Thabane’s Office, was speaking at the ABC youth league elective conference on
Friday night. 
ABC leader and Prime Minister Thabane officially
opened the conference.
“Behave and conduct yourselves in a dignified manner
because you are no longer part of the opposition,” Soulo told hundreds of
delegates at Ecol Hall in Khubetsoana.

“You are the rulers of Lesotho today,” he said. Soulo’s remarks came barely a week after the outgoing
youth league leader Libe Moremoholo wrote Thabane reminding him that he had
promised that his government would deal with the MKM problem in a way that
would benefit depositors.

Moremoholo, a former MP, said Thabane should explain
to the nation within 100 days what he has done so far towards fulfilling his
electoral promise of helping MKM depositors to get back their investments.
MKM was shut down in November 2007 for operating an
illegal investment business.

At least 400 000 Basotho lost their savings when the
Central Bank of Lesotho closed the illegal scheme.
The company which is now in liquidation cannot account
for 75 percent of the money it received from depositors.
Both Thabane and Moremoholo have previously criticised
the government for the MKM liquidation.

In his speech Thabane said the youths should focus on
issues of socio-economic development.

He said they should be wary of pointing accusing
fingers at other political parties.

The youths, Thabane said, should remember King
Moshoeshoe the Great who said even the weak ones should be heard.

“It was the whites who pushed us away from that. “It does not matter whether a person is a member of
the BNP, LCD or ABC; at the end he is a Mosotho,” Thabane said.

“Young people, get married and have children because
the children born to this country are not enough as we need manpower,” he said.

At least 1 040 delegates from 80 constituencies were expected to attend
the conference.

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