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A star is born


TODAY marks the birth of the Sunday Express, the newspaper that will bring to light the significance of Lesotho to its citizenry and the world at large.logo
Africa Media Holdings (AMH)’s new baby, as of today, is the kingdom’s only Sunday paper.
After successfully establishing the Lesotho Times, which became the country’s premier newspaper within a year, AMH can boldly pronounce that the Sunday Express will be yet another quality product from the stable.
The function of newspapers and the media in general in a democratic society stems from the right of people to know about issues of public concern.
The people are entitled to learn and know what’s happening in their villages, communities, towns and districts as well as beyond their borders.
Basotho, as members of a fledgling democracy, deserve an entitlement to pore over government conduct and a right to demand that policymakers explain their decisions.
But that can only happen through enlightenment brought about by access to reliable information.
With enlightenment people can play a useful role in the democratic processes and development of their country.
AMH, by publishing the Sunday Express, is fully cognisant of the very responsible task it is undertaking.
That’s why your Sundays will never be the same again.
The publishers of the Sunday Express are fully aware that Lesotho needs a quality Sunday newspaper of its own that will keep pace with the needs, the growth and the development of the kingdom.
Meticulous planning has been undertaken to ensure the Sunday Express will not only be both a conduit and a watchdog but a worthy national newspaper that will act as an agent of economic emancipation.
Today the majority of our people are wallowing in poverty of untold proportions.
Corruption is rife.
Red tape is sticking up progress.
HIV has ravaged our kingdom.
Life expectancy is under 40.
Unemployment is around 45 percent and most of those lucky to have jobs earn hardly enough to get by.
Yet it’s not just about doom and gloom.
We have sons and daughters of this country who have distinguished themselves in various fields from politics to business to entertainment to sports.
To this end the Sunday Express will publish, every week, an amalgam of both serious and light reading.
Your paper will strive at all times to bring its readers an accurate and interesting account of local news and events from every nook and cranny of the kingdom.
Well-researched features and incisive analyses will be the hallmark of the Sunday Express.
It will not be the policy of this paper to indulge in destructive criticism of people, systems or conditions.
Your paper will guard against elevating rumour, conjecture, hearsay or speculation to the status of fact without making an effort to adduce evidence.
We are aware that it is only with the support of the people of Lesotho that we can hope to make the Sunday Express a resounding success that we want it to be.
Thus everyone in Lesotho is critical for us to bring you a quality paper every Sunday.
That includes the man on the street, the mother in the kitchen, the child at school, the worker, the businessman, the decision-maker, the politician, the sportsperson et al.
Needless to say, everyone who reads the paper, everyone who advertises in it and everyone about whom the stories are written is highly treasured.
We hope you will enjoy the first edition of the Sunday Express and all the other issues that will follow.

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