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A dose of drama on your lashes from Carol

Nthatuoa Koeshe

THE only drama a woman needs are her eye lashes. This is according to Carol Motolo, an author and magazine owner, who recently introduced a range of eye-lashes named Virtue.

Although, the eye-lashes will be launched in August, Carol says the beauty accessories will add an x-factor to their users.

Carol recently told the Weekender that the August launch will also coincide with the launch of several other beauty products.

She said Virtue eye lashes represent class and is for every day women who want to look classy and feel beautiful at the same time.

“With these lashes, women should feel as beautiful and natural as possible and for those that love drama on their lashes, I got them covered because Virtue eye lashes cater for any type of woman,” Carol said.

She said the idea of lashes came after a bad experience with another brand of eye lashes and decided to come up with something that will be comfortable natural and light.

“I decided to come up with lashes that will make me feel beautiful. I researched and after that I designed the packaging and we started designing the actual product and luckily it came to life sooner than I had anticipated,” she said.

She also added that the lashes are easy to remove and to put on.

Carol said in terms of the beauty industry, Lesotho is still far behind.

“Yes, we are a small nation but if we keep pushing and working hard, we will definitely catch up.

“We need to start believing in ourselves and our products, if we start supporting local products, like we support imports, we will surely go far,” she said.

Carol said the market should be on the lookout for more products.

She said after her research, she engaged a few factories to get the product she was looking for. She then engaged local designer Charles Phamotse, who designed the logo.

“I love unique things and to me packaging is everything. I also love products that speak to me and something I can show off easily. So, out of all the designs, Phamotse’s spoke to me,” Carol said.

She said the name “Virtue” was inspired by her patience in letting God take control in her projects.

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